Cuckold Catnip

Alright, truth be told? I hate talking to losers about my sex life. It’s a huge part of why I don’t do many cuckold clips. Who are you to get that peek into my private life? You don’t even get to *see* my pussy. Why would I ever describe the way my pussy feels around a cock?

But… how should I phrase this? My last tryst left me a little breathless. My partner (I refuse to call men alphas… fuck that) has been travelling extensively so we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together. Truthfully, I’d been aching for a fuck, but I wasn’t really expecting my “welcome home” kiss to turn into my lips around his cock so quickly.

The thing about REAL men? They understand quid pro quo. Sure, he got to fondle my enormous 32GGs and feel my warm, wet tongue across his cock, but he STILL spent 20 minutes eating me out before he fucked me senseless and made me cum three times before he got his. Ugh, I love it. Our bed frame has been on its last legs, and I’ve been procrastinating getting a new one because I love hearing the bed squeak when we fuck. I know, I’m an asshole. How’s it feel to know you’ll never get to hear that sound?

Anyway, he’s an animal, in the best way. Total bad boy with a fat cock, fat wallet, and hopelessly devoted to Me. Years in and he’s the only one who gets to put his dick in me.

Keep dreaming.