More on Erotic Humiliation

What is erotic humiliation?

Erotic humiliation is the consensual use of humiliation during a sexual scenario. Everyone has their limits, and in order for the scene to be fulfilling for all parties, those limits have to be respected.

I get off on hurting men, but it’s only fun if I know I’m not crossing any lines. Before every session, I interview my sub and ask what their interests are and if there are any no-go zones. That’s what differentiates erotic humiliation from psychological abuse. This is why I *insist* clients tell me their limits. If someone answers “no limits,” we aren’t going to play. “No limits” is a cop out answer and I demand honesty.

Common themes in erotic humiliation center around crossdressing, degrading activities, being called names, and an enormous array of other topics. Anything that embarasses the submissive can be put into play.

Exploring Erotic Humiliation

So you’ve decided you want to take the plunge and give humiliation a try. If you are shy, you might prefer seeking out virtual services, such as a phone sex operator or a cam session. These provide safe venues for you to try out your kink without risk of fallout in your personal life. Or, of course, you could go straight to the best and book a session with me.