Cum Eating Instruction Clips

I have dozens of CEI clips. Here’s a good place to start. Please note, all clips have full audio and are in 1080P. I remove the audio from previews only.

“Your First CEI”

There’s no reason to be afraid of a little bit of cum. I’ll tease and torture you all the way to orgasm. And guess what? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pervert, you’re going to slurp up every last drop for Me.

11:08, $11.99 IWantClips

“You Love Cum CEI”

It hasn’t been the same for you since you learned just how much you love the taste of cum, has it? From the first moment you choked it down, you’ve been an addict. Come on, jizzbitch. Get out that cock and stroke. I want to see you work up the biggest load of your life and lap it all up for me. I tease and edge you, talking dirty, commanding your cock with my big pink lips and perfect tits. Imagine the taste of it on your tongue. It will taste all the better with me here to count you down to the big finish.

7:53, $9.99 IWantClips

“Eat It for Cleavage”

Alright you filthy little jizz lick, it’s time for you to give that cock a workout. You are going to work up the BIGGEST, CREAMIEST load of your life for my huge 32GG rack. I tease you for your nasty little habits, switching between sensual and bitchy so skillfully you WILL be on your toes. I’m going to empty every last drop from your balls and you will slurp it up, whether you like it or not!

10:56. $12.99 IWantClips

“CEI Self-Facial Instruction”

It’s not enough to just EAT cum anymore: no, I am going to make you shoot a big, NASTY load right on your face! I tell you exactly how to stroke your cock so you get that money shot where it belongs. Ready for a taste?

10:09, $11.99 IWantClips