Forced Bi Clips

This is an inexhaustive list of my forced bi clips, which will be updated periodically.

Repeat After Me: Filthy Faggot Training

Coerced Bi, Coerced Gay
This video is HARSH. 

The gloves are off now: it’s time to own up to who you are.
You are 100% faggot, and I’m going to make you wrap your head around it.
My filthy dirty talk only gets that cock of yours harder. 
You don’t want me. You want big, thick, dripping cock. 
Now repeat after me…

9:30, $10

Cock Parade JOI

What’s hotter? Me, the leggy, busty blonde Goddess in front of you?
Or this parade of cocks?
Let’s find out.
Get out your dick and S T R O K E while we find out exactly how much of a faggot you are.

10:17, $12

Beginner Faggot Test

So you think you might be gay…. Luckily for you, closet faggots are my specialty.
I draw you into a number of kinky, filthy fantasies.
As long as your dick stays soft, you’re straight. Easy, right?
Now let’s put that whole faggot thing to rest.
I’m sure there’s NO way you actually want cock, right?

… Guess we’ll just have to find out!

7:30, $10