I am available to travel internationally for well-qualified clients. You will be responsible for ALL travel expenses including meals, five star accommodations, and any additional supplies needed for the trip. I require at least a months’ advance notice for these arrangements and you will be subject to additional screening.

I will select the hotel and first-class flights. You will reimburse me for the cost. I do not allow clients to book ANYTHING on my behalf.

My rates are as follows:

  • Overnight/12hr: $2000
  • 24 hours: $3500
  • 48 hours: $4000

NO intercourse will EVER take place during ANY of these bookings. If you refer to my normal session page, you will notice these bookings are quite a value in comparison to my normal rates. This is simply because I enjoy travel. Do NOT burn me for my generosity by pushing my limits. It will not end well for you.